Isabella's Forecast AKA Cheyenne.  She became ill in the Summer of 2015.  She made the trip to NC State.  We authorized surgery. They open her up and then they give us the bad news.  Cheyenne had tumors that were causing her small intestine to die off.  They could re-sect the intestine, but with her age, they didn't think she would recover.  She was 26 and passed on July 31, 2015.  It was amazing to me, after she passed, how many people Cheyenne gave their first horse back ride to.  Young and old...Even my Granddaughter Bianca.

This CRAZY little pony was Star!  She was 35 years old.  It wasn't her health that got her, it was another horse.  See, Star was the leader of the herd.  She kept them all in line in her own special and vocal way!  The night she was injured and we put her down, my friend Jenn noticed, just as it was happening, that a shooting star shot across the sky.  She will ever protect Horse Pen Ranch as our Star.

Convert N Collect was her race name.  Secratariat was her Grandfather.  This is Callie.  Retired from racing, where she lead a very successful career, a Judge once told Tia, "I bet this horse could jump the moon", and Tia tried to get her there!  She passed away suddenly, in her pasture, surrounded by her herd, August of 2016.

Poco Impressive Doll AKA Poco.  She is due with her first foal on May 10, 2017.  She is the best horse I've ever known.  (Don't tell Hank!)

Still to come!  Fiona, Biscuit, Pepsi, Bill, Tango, Cupcake, and Mirra.

Angel and Blue.  We purchased Angel from the pony ride guy at the Rodeo 2 years ago and SURPRISE 9 months later, out pops Blue!  She was born with blue eyes and on the day the Blue Angels came to town so her name is fitting...

Dr. Walker's Angel, AKA Jack!  He was born here at Horse Pen Ranch and just turned 3 years old on April 8, 2017.  He stands 16HH and is still growing.  He is college educated by Findlay University in Northern Ohio.  (Where Stacy Westfall attended school) and trained by the soon to be VERY successful Equine Program student, Miss Hannah Chipps....

Meet Chili Dawg!  He is 8 years old, stands almost 15HH, and is our all around boy.  He can go from a Rodeo on Friday night to pony rides with small children on Saturday morning and give you his all!

This is Sissy Belle.  She is originally from Washington State and is a Thoroughbred racehorse that has retired to the Coast!

VC Skipa Star Hank. He has done everything from pole bending champ, to Working Western Show Horse, Drill Team perfomances, beach rides, trails, parades, pony rides.  You name it, he's done it.  We have traveled together near and far.  He's 19 Years Old now and can't do all the things he used to do, but he is the best!

Pleasure Lady's Doc AKA Spider.  15 years old, fast as lightning, can eat a cow and a barrel and is surrogate Mom to Poco and her soon to hatch baby!